Slip & Falls

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At work we often engage in non-work related activities such as talking and socializing. Not focusing on the tasks at hand can sometimes result in work related injuries that can end in lost work time as well as lost wages. These injuries in the workplace can be an end result of many things such as carelessness, improper or negligent safety precautions, repetitive motions and faulty equipment. These same causes can result in numerous types of accidents as well. A very common type of accident in the workplace is a slip & fall. Slip and falls at work may occur in any type of work environment ranging from an office setting to a construction site or manufacturing plant.

Possible Slip & Fall Accident Causes

Slips and falls in the workplace can be caused by many different factors. Some causes include: inadequate lighting, wet or slippery floors, negligence & carelessness, tripping over objects in aisles or walkways. Some less common causes of slips and falls at work are defective products such as ladders or scaffolds and improperly maintained or poorly constructed equipment.

Injuries Sustained In A Workplace Slip & Fall

Slip and fall accidents that occur in the work arena can result in a number of injuries. Some slip and falls result in no loss of work. Others are more severe and can take extended periods of time to recover from a physical, emotional and financial standpoint. Injuries such as sprains, strains and fractures, especially to the arms and shoulders, are commonly seen in slip and fall accidents due to extending the arms in an attempt to break the fall. Other injuries involve the head, neck and back and they may take much longer to recover. In extreme cases of slips and falls, particularly those from high places can end in paralysis or death.

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